Welcome to Anfiq

Welcome to ANFIQ

Most Masjids, Islamic Centres, Islamic Schools require hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions, to acquire new properties or expand existing ones. They usually rely on their local communities to raise these funds. And they are usually bound by some sort of a deadline, whether it’s a property closing date, or a contractor deadline, or a promised date for repaying a large loan, or something of that sort.


At ANFIQ we have simply accumulated a lot of the best practices in fundraising from the various organizations we have worked with so that other organizations in a similar position would benefit. We have also complimented these fundraising techniques with standard principles of fundraising that can be learned from the nonprofit industry to ensure maximum gain.

We will be regularly updating this website with tips on fundraising and present case studies of Masjids and Islamic institutions who have completed their projects successfully. We hope you find it useful. Feel free to contact us for inquiries or to check Hossam Amin's availability to work with your organization.


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Latest from ANFIQ

The winter season often comes with a surge in fundraising dinners for Masjids and Islamic Institutions. Given that they are not publicly funded, it is understandable that they are always in need of donations at some level. Did you know that Canada is home to over 1 Million Muslims. However, the number of official Masjids and Islamic Centres are no more than 150; that means that, on average, each centre is responsible for serving the religious needs of 6500 Muslims!

Expanding your Donor Base

If your organization is one of those planning to have a fundraising dinner in 2019, or just planning on having a fundraising campaign come Ramadan, you might be scratching your head thinking of novel ways of increasing your donor base. One way of increasing your organization's donor base is to tap into your community's contact lists (in an organized fashion!). This can be done by forming an ambassador team from your local community. Each ambassador has the ability to leverage his or her contacts in different ways. With proper training, getting ambassadors involved in selling fundraising tickets or inviting their remote contacts to contribute to a Ramadan campaign can increase an organization's donor base in wondrous ways.