Ambassador Training

About the Workshop

ANFIQ's ambassador training workshop provides a unique opportunity for Masjids and Islamic institutions to mobilize their local community before an upcoming fundraising campaign. Attendees learn practical tips on how to raise funds for their local Masjid's multi-million dollar project or for the expansion project of the Islamic schools their children attend. The burden of raising funds for such large projects cannot and should not be placed on the shoulders of a few people running an organization.

By involving members of the local community and forming an ambassador team, it becomes a joint and collaborative effort to raise funds for the institutions that serve us all.

Who are Ambassadors

Ambassadors are members of an organization's local community who are, in one way or another, associated with that organization. They are the regular attendees of a Masjid, members of a volunteer committee, or educators at a weekend Islamic school.

Each ambassador has the ability to leverage his or her contacts in different ways. In fact, ambassadors add a variable dimension to a fundraising campaign because we all have different sets of contacts. Some of us may have old friends from University who are open to supporting a Masjid project that is in the area that we live in. Some of us may know people who are considered 'celebrities' and can influence the visibility of a campaign, making it go viral on social media. Others may be able to connect with individuals willing to make generous donations for a worthy cause.

By equipping ambassadors with the necessary tools and knowledge, organizations have a better chance of raising their needed funds within the required time.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ambassadors
  • Who usually comprises a Masjid or Islamic Centre's ambassador team?

    Members of the ambassador team of a Masjid or Islamic Centre are commonly:

    • Board members, the imam, and Masjid employees
    • Active volunteers, members of Masjid committees, and weekend school staff/volunteers
    • Regular Musallees
    • Alumni members of the community (who could have relocated to another city)
    • Concerned family members of any of the above

  • Who usually comprises an Islamic School's ambassador team?

    Members of the ambassador team of an Islamic School are commonly:

    • Board members and school staff/volunteers
    • Concerned parents
    • High school students
    • Alumni students of the school

  • What kind of time commitment can be expected from an ambassador?
    A member of an ambassador team is expected to take part in the coordinated marketing efforts of the team by sharing pre-designed campaign material (such as videos and banners) and pre-written message templates with their friends and within their social circles. So, in reality, there is hardly a time commitment to make. Ambassadors are also highly encouraged to share their own stories that showcase how your organization is making an impact on their lives and on their kids' lives.
  • How are ambassadors organized and how do they communicate with each other?
    An ambassador team lead is usually appointed at the end of the ambassador training workshop. It is common that this person has a position of leadership in the organization, such as its president or in the case of a school, its principal. A Whatsapp group is usually created and is used for communication among the ambassador team. Other forms of communication, such as email and Facebook groups, can also be used.

What Ambassadors Learn

As mentioned before, ambassadors add an invaluable dimension to a fundraising campaign and have the ability to sway the results of a campaign beyond imagination. Ambassadors need not know wealthy or successful business people in order to feel they can contribute to the success of a campaign. With some careful consideration, coordination, and guidance, ambassadors can leverage their contacts to the fullest.

At the workshop, we introduce the fundamental principle of fundraising and get attendees thinking about the reasons people choose to donate. We also categorize contacts and explain in practical ways how one can reach out to his or her contacts using both direct and indirect methods. We mainly focus on online techniques of reaching one's contacts, although there are some offline ideas that we also discuss. We present the benefits of storytelling in the nonprofit industry and how ambassadors can be transformed into storytellers, telling powerful stories about the positive impact their Masjid or Islamic Centre is making on its local community. Topics covered at the workshop include:

  • The fundamental principle of fundraising: Ask and you Shall be Given!
  • Why do people donate and what are the main aspects of a campaign that influence one's decision to donate?
  • Guidelines to follow when reaching out to contacts and the online tools to use
  • Examples of practical things done by ambassadors of previous campaigns that led to generous donations
  • How storytelling can benefit a Masjid or Islamic institution and how ambassadors can become effective storytellers

About the Instructor

Hossam Amin has been giving the ambassador training workshop since early 2017 and, in general, has been involved in fundraising for Islamic institutions since 2007. He has overseen many multi-million dollar projects, witnessing the key elements that made them succeed in achieving their financial goals. He has developed a rare expertise in the area of fundraising for Masjids, Islamic Centres, and Islamic Schools, and is now dedicated to helping organizations apply the best practices in fundraising to reach their financial targets in the quickest possible timeframe. Hossam is based in Ottawa, Canada and is able to work with organizations all over the world.

Organizations that hosted an Ambassador Training Workshop in the Past

Host an Ambassador Training Workshop (Online option available)

If you are actively raising funds for a Masjid or Islamic institution, consider hosting an ambassador training workshop and inviting members of your community to it. It is a good opportunity to form an ambassador team that works collectively toward achieving your project's financial goals.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Workshop
  • When is the best time of the year to have an ambassador training workshop?

    Before a fundraising dinner or online campaign - If your organization is having a fundraising dinner in the near future, then it is worth considering having an ambassador training workshop a couple of weeks leading up to the dinner. Moreover, we encourage you to consider turning the fundraising dinner into a fundraising campaign (i.e. not just a dinner). You can start the fundraising campaign with a fundraising dinner (if conditions permit) and then run the campaign for a period of 3-4 weeks. During that period your organization, along with the ambassadors, would be actively seeking donations.

    Before a giving season - If a giving season, such as Ramadan, is approaching, it is worth considering preparing an ambassador team to take part in the fundraising initiatives during that period. With proper planning and coordination, having a fundraising campaign during a giving season can be very rewarding.

  • How long is the ambassador training workshop and what day of the week is it best held?
    The ambassador training workshop takes about 2 hours online or 3 hours in person. It is typically held on a Sunday during the late morning or early afternoon. It can also fit in a weeknight if that's the best time for most attendees.
  • Our Islamic community centre is currently being established and requires millions of dollars, where do I start?
    There are various techniques and established principles in fundraising by which the nonprofit world live by in order to sustain itself. As nonprofit organizations themselves, Masjids and Islamic centres have a lot to learn and benefit from the nonprofit industry. Many fundraising techniques are at their disposal. How can you attract new donors to care for your Masjid project? How can you keep your current donor base interested in donating? Just like all disciplines, fundraising has its own literature and specialists. As you embark on your Islamic Centre project, we recommend involving a professional fundraiser who can guide you to the best practices in fundraising to achieve your financial goals.
  • I am part of a Masjid fundraising committee and I'm not sure if I should suggest this ambassador training session to the masjid board.
    If your organization is actively raising funds for a Masjid, Islamic Centre, or Islamic School project, it is worth considering forming an ambassador team to work collectively in raising funds. One of the best ways of forming the team is to have them attend a workshop that educates them on the most effective ways of raising funds.

Currently, this workshop is being offered for a nominal price of $200 USD or $250 CAD online or in person.
Note that any travel expenses incurred by the instructor would have to be covered as well.

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