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Expansion of School

Ottawa Islamic School is the ONLY Islamic high school from JK to Grade 12 in Ottawa. Its mission is to provide students with excellent academic skills, while instilling a sound knowledge of the Islamic faith. The school fosters in them the characteristics that will enable them to acquire the necessary tools that will better prepare them to face life's challenges as self-confident, strong and caring Muslim Canadian citizens.
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Expansion of School

Pre-Ramadan target

$43,842Amount Collected*
Installment Due Date extended
*Amount Collected is comprised of funds collected online and offline.

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There are 410 students at the Ottawa Islamic School, all of whom learn Quran at the school

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Note: The Ottawa Islamic School is looking to expand its premises for the school year 2014/2015. Your donation would go into the school's expansion project. For details of the project, please scroll down.

28 November 2013

We are collecting donations for the Ottawa Islamic School's expansion project to accommodate more students in the next academic year 2014/2015. Construction of the new facility will commence thisFebruary insha'a Allah. Scroll down to see the principal's brief overview of the project.

Your Donation is Tax Deductible

Update - 25 November 2013

Thank you to all who donated in our fundraiser.

Jazakum Allah Khier.

9 November 2013

By the grace of Allah SWT, we collected $42,800 during the fundraiser dinner that was held on November 9th 2013. We are now continuing the fundraiser online.

Please help us reach $45,000

For the last 13 years, the Ottawa Islamic School has been the only Islamic high school in the Eastern Ontario/Western Quebec region. It produces the future leaders of our society with a balanced understanding and application of Islam. Seven former students have been or still are teachers at the school. Here’s a great opportunity for you to be part of our school and leave a Sadaqa Jariyah.

The Ottawa Islamic School expansion project:

  • Adds 300 more spots for students to the existing 410 spots. These students were turned away over the years for lack of space. With your support, you can help make space for them.
  • Adds 9 more classes.
  • Will be right beside the current location of the school (10 Coral Ave.) taking up an area of 870 square meters and two stories high.
  • Adds the following facilities for students:
    • An Olympic sized gymnasium
    • Two change rooms beside the gym ( one for boys and one for girls)
    • Nine classrooms
    • A giant science laboratory
    • Two big washrooms with ablution (wud’u) facilities
    • Two mechanical rooms
    • A kitchenette
    • Two staff rooms
  • Is expected to be completed by August 2014 just in time for the academic year 2014/2015
  • Currently has $1.3 million and is fundraising for two remaining installments, each worth $250,000.

The new facility would allow us to do sports activities that we couldn't do before. And we would be able to participate in leagues that need standard sized gymasiums, something we never had before. We would also have a giant science lab!

Your Donation is Tax Deductible

The mission of the Ottawa Islamic School is to provide the students with excellent academic skills, while instilling a sound knowledge of the Islamic faith. To attain this objective, the school follows the guidelines for the expectations and requirements of the Ontario Ministry of Education. In addition the school also offers students courses in the Arabic language and Islamic Studies. With this philosophy of academic excellence coupled with religious studies, the school hopes to culture, motivate, and inspire the students towards becoming productive, educated, and caring citizens.

A Solid Foundation

Establishing strong foundations for the future endeavors of our students in the community, and providing a solid stepping stone to higher education.

Islamic Principles

Instilling and upholding Islamic values such as honesty, dedication and patience into our students.

Continues improvement

Year after year, the school improves performance levels of its student's achievement in both of the areas that constitute the backbone of its mission: exceptional standards to meet requirements of the Ontario curriculum; and student's familiarly with their Islamic religion, as well as practicing it as a way of life.

High Education Standards

Providing Islamic and Government Curriculum education to the highest standard.

A Caring Environment

Providing a caring environment which, through focused individual attention, promotes disciplined and respectful behavior.

Pursuit of Excellence

Encouraging the pursuit of excellence and rewarding outstanding effort.

Tailored Education

Allowing students to advance according to the individual capabilities bestowed upon them by Allah (swt)

Full Potential Development

Providing the means for all students to realise their full potential.