More than Just a Crowdfunding Platform

Let us first make a distinction between a crowdfunding platform and a professional fundraising consulting service:

A crowdfunding platform provides you with the necessary online tools to raise funds online. It could also allow you to do other things such as communicate to donors in mass, track online donor trends, and integrate with social media.

This is all great, but it takes a lot more than a fancy looking platform to convince potential donors to donate. How can you use the nature of giving to your advantage to influence, within comfortable limits, peoples' decision to donate to your cause? How can you have a campaign that reaches beyond your local community? How can your campaign stand out to the extent that people would feel left out if they did not contribute to it?

"At ANFIQ, we help organizations devise fundraising strategies, develop multi-media that showcase their stories, and apply the most effective fundraising techniques to achieve their financial targets."


About ANFIQ's founder

Hossam Amin has been involved in fundraising for Islamic institutions since 2007. He has overseen many multi-million dollar projects, witnessing the key elements that made them succeed in achieving their financial goals. He has developed a rare expertise in the area of fundraising for Masjids, Islamic Centres, and Islamic Schools, and is now dedicated to helping organizations apply the best practices in fundraising to reach their financial targets in the quickest possible timeframe. Hossam is based in Ottawa, Canada and is available to work with organizations all over the world.

Organizations Hossam has Worked with

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At ANFIQ, you are empowered with the best practices of fundraising based on proven techniques, both online and offline, to achieve your organization's financial targets in the quickest possible timeframe, bi-ithnillah.

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