Fundraising Coaching
Ambassador Training
Helping Masjids and Islamic Schools apply the best practices in
fundraising to achieve their financial Goals

Fundraising Catered for Masjids and Islamic Schools

Most Masjids, Islamic Centres, Islamic Schools require hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions, to acquire new properties or expand existing ones. They usually rely on their local communities to raise these funds. And they are usually bound by some sort of a deadline, whether it’s a property closing date, or a contractor deadline, or a promised date for repaying a large loan, or something of that sort.

"This is the story of most, if not all of Muslim communities in the West! And many of them have come out with beautiful success stories after applying various ideas to raise funds to achieve their financial targets. At ANFIQ we have simply accumulated a lot of the best practices in fundraising from the various organizations we have worked with and are now helping other Masjids, Islamic Centres, and Islamic Schools apply them to achieve their own financial targets."Hossam Amin, Fundraising Specialist

ANFIQ Professional Fundraising

ANFIQ’s professional fundraising service can be broken down into three broad categories of services:

  • Fundraising consultancy that involves devising fundraising campaign strategies, coming up with a narrative to showcase an organization's story, ambassador training, and fundraising coaching
  • Content development that involves designing multi-media around a campaign story, producing videos to showcase the story, and writing custom messages for target audiences
  • Campaign project management that involves setting a campaign plan, executing on a campaign plan, and campaign coordination



Is ANFIQ just another crowdfunding platform?