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Fundraising Catered for Masjids and Islamic Schools

One of the biggest hurdles for Masjids, Islamic Centres, and Islamic Schools is to raise enough funds to acquire or expand their properties, which often requires millions of dollars. At ANFIQ, we are specialized in helping organizations apply the best practices in fundraising, using both online and offline means, to achieve their financial targets.

When your Masjid project or centre's expansion project requires you to raise millions of dollars, it becomes necessary to put some thought and strategy on how you're going to raise these funds. With proper planning and strategizing, your fundraising achievements can go a long way.

Here are seven tips for a successful fundraising campaign


How ANFIQ Can Help

If you require some advice or guidance on how to go about raising funds for a large project, feel free to contact us. We do not charge anything for listening to your project needs and discussing fundraising strategies that best apply to you. We do, however, provide professional help as well. Here are some services we offer:

  • Content development that involves designing multi-media around a campaign story, producing videos to showcase the story, and writing custom messages for target audiences
  • Campaign management that involves setting up a campaign plan, executing on it, and campaign coordination
  • Ambassador Training to help mobilize your local community and prepare them to take part in an upcoming fundraising campaign

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