Fundraising Coaching

"A fundraising coach empowers an organization with the best practices of fundraising, using both online and offline means, to help it reach its financial targets in the quickest possible timeframe, bi-ithnillah."

Most Masjids and Islamic Centres require hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions, to complete their projects, particularly during the establishment phase. They usually rely on their local communities to raise these funds. And they are usually bound by some sort of a deadline, whether it’s a property closing date, or a contractor deadline, or a promised date for repaying a large loan, or something of that sort. The story is usually very similar for all Muslim communities in the West.

A fundraising coach accumulates all the best practices in fundraising for Masjids, Islamic Centres, and Islamic Schools and guides organizations to re-apply them

A fundraising coach’s ultimate goal is to empower an organization to apply the best practices in fundraising to fulfill its financial needs independently.

ANFIQ Fundraising Coaching

ANFIQ’s fundraising coaching service includes:

  • A dedicated fundraising coach assigned to the organization; together they:
    • Devise a marketing strategy for the organization’s upcoming fundraising campaigns
    • Develop the organization’s story that would be communicated to its donor base
    • Develop marketing content
    • Assess the organization’s premises, such as masjid, musalla, or school, and implement an optimal atmosphere for donor attraction
  • Ambassador training given to the organization’s campaign volunteers; ambassador involvement is the main gateway to reaching donations outside of the organization’s local community
  • An online crowdfunding platform; note that ANFIQ has its own crowdfunding platform, but an organization is free to use another one if desired

About our Fundraising Coach

Hossam Amin has been involved in fundraising for Masjids, Centres, and Islamic Schools since 2007. He has overseen many multi-million dollar projects, witnessing the key elements that made them succeed in achieving their financial goals. He has developed a rare expertise in the area of fundraising, particularly with Masjids, Islamic Centres, and Islamic Schools ... Read more


When you hire Hossam Amin as your fundraising coach, an initial payment of $1000 USD is required (or $1200 CAD) and a contract signed. Then a final payment is required after your organization's fundraising campaign ends. How much the final payment comes out to depends on the campaign's goals. The details are sorted out in the contract.

Note that any expenses incurred while giving the Ambassador Training (such as travel or lodging expenses) are billed to the organization.