Ecole Ibn Batouta

Ecole Ibn Batouta

We are a certified JK to grade 9 French Immrsion school. We aim to be a world-class school that provides academic excellence in a fun and rich environment.
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Ecole Ibn Batouta

École Ibn Batouta - Establishing Tomorrow's Leaders in Mind and Spirit


"The only Islamic School in Ontario whose students become bilingual by the time they graduate"


Ecole Ibn Batouta School provides a very unique program in Canada, one that delivers advanced secondary education coupled with Islamic Studies that help our students preserve their Islamic identity.

Our service is unique in all of Canada in that students who attend our school learn and practice both English and French, thereby becoming bilingual by the time they graduate. This gives them a valuable advantage in the workforce wherever they go.

With Stability Comes Growth

After having to move through several locations over the past 10 years because we simply did not own a property, we have finally found the perfect place. Two years ago we came across a unique piece of property and got a good deal that allowed us to pay its price over a number of years, which came out to $120,000 per year. As a result, we have been able to grow and accept more students wanting to join a bilingual Islamic school, Alhamdulillah.


Dear sisters and brothers,

The prophet Muhammad (SAAW) said:

"Nothing will be heavier on the Day of Resurrection in the scale of the believer than good manners ..." [Tirmidhi, Number 2002]

At Ecole Ibn Batouta we strive to provide a high standard of education within an environment that encourages good manners so that our kids value decency and modesty when they grow up


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Jazakum Allah Khier!


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