Hamilton Downtown Mosque

Ramadan in New Mosque

Hamilton Downtown Mosque is a vibrant organization of bright and energetic individuals from all walks of life who have come together to serve the community. The role of the mosque is to give community members a haven where they shall attain knowledge, increase in spirituality, receive resources and social services, and connect with others building bonds of fellowship.
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Ramadan in New Mosque

Pre-Ramadan Goal

$218,082Amount Collected*
Due Date extended
*Amount Collected is comprised of funds collected online and offline.

Together, we can reach our goal ... 1st of Ramadan in the new Mosque

With the growing number of Muslims in this community, the mosque purchased a new land (1.56 Acres) for 3.5 Million to accommodate its worshipers. We are working on phase one of the project which includes prayer halls, washrooms and wudhu areas for brothers and sisters as well as a community hall. Members of the community are working tirelessly organizing various events to fund raise. We are close to reaching our goal, however, we need more donors to help reach our goal.

The Goal is to fund raise $200,000 and be in the new Mosque by the first day of Ramadan, June 18, 2015!

Looking for 400 donors to donate $500 each. It's that simple!

The transaction is between you and ALLAH. If you build a masjid in this world, Allah (SWT) will build a house for you in Jannah! We ask Allah to increase you in Eman, health and wealth!

Your Donation is Tax Deductible