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Masjid Quba

The Islamic Society of Ajax was first registered as a Canadian charitable organization in March 2011. We established Masjid Quba Ajax at 1501 Harwood Av. North in the heart of Ajax, serving a population of 109,600, about 10% (estimate) of which are Muslim. Our main focus right now is to complete Masjid Quba Ajax.
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Masjid Quba

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$100,818Amount Collected*
Due Date extended
*Amount Collected is comprised of funds collected online and offline.

Dear Visitor,

Alhamdulillah, with the blessing of Allah swt, renovation/construction project has started. Building permit has been issued by the town of Ajax. It would take approx 4 months to complete the project. Please help the project by donating generously. This is the first Masjid in the town of Ajax.

Specifically, please consider donating one or more Sadaqah Seeds. Each Sadaqah seed is just $25.

The prophet Muhammad - peace be upon him - swore that "Giving Sadaqah does NOT decrease wealth"

In fact he rephrased that three times to emphasize this point.

Thank you for your support in repaying the Qard that Masjid Quba owes.

Your Donation is Tax Deductible

Background on Masjid Quba

Masjid Quba, run by the Islamic Society of Ajax, is the first masjid in Ajax, just outside of Toronto, Ontario. We are a growing community and the number of musallees attending the daily prayers and Jumah prayer is growing rapidly.

We acquired Masjid Quba back in April 2013. We needed to raise $1.4 million in a very short period of time. Elhamdulilah, we managed to raise $800,000 and from generous individuals we borrowed the remaining $600,000. We are now in the process of repaying this Qard-e-Hasna.

Please support Masjid Quba with one or multiple Sadaqah Seeds. Each Sadaqah Seed is just $25.