Aisha Islamic Center

Downtown Montreal Center

Aisha Islamic Center's vision is to be a place that meets the religious needs of the Muslim Community in Montreal and contributes to the well being of the community's members. The center is registered as a Not-for-profit organization in the province of Quebec. It observes all Canadian and Quebec regulations of good management, transparency, accountability, and continuous reporting.
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Downtown Montreal Center

The Aisha Islamic Center (AIC) has been collecting donations for the purchase of a new large building at the edge of the “New Griffintown” in downtown Montreal. Griffintown is expected to be the southern pearl of Montreal within five to ten years. This new center will be acquired to be a much-needed Mosque and Community Center for the Muslim community in downtown Montreal.

Update 27 May 2015

Major urgent construction has been completed.  We are now in the final stretch to collect the required amounts to pay the final installment of $232K by the end of June.  Please help us at this critical time to permanently establish the Masjid in this area.

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Believe in Allâh and His Messenger (Muhammad SAW), and spend of that whereof He has made you trustees. 

And such of you as believe and spend (in Allâh's Way), theirs will be a great reward. (Surah Hadid, Verse 7)

جزاكم الله خيرا

Tax receipts can be issued for all donors upon request.


Some Background

The main objectives of Aisha Islamic Center are:

  1. To provide Islamic religious services and facilities for prayers for local Muslims.
  2. To provide Islamic education, da’wah resources, and counseling services to the Muslim community, including families, Youth and seniors.
  3. To protect and advance the use of the association assets optimally.

We are appealing to your sense of generosity to help us with raising the needed amount for the building acquisition. All will be rewarded greatly by Allah. A believer building a house for Allah on this earth would be rewarded by a house in paradise. In addition, they will be solving a great problem for the Muslim community in downtown Montreal.