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Kanata Masjid and Community Centre

The Kanata Muslim Association’s mission is to represent Islam in Ottawa West and to serve the spiritual, educational and social needs of a diverse Muslim community in a professional and caring manner.
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Kanata Masjid and Community Centre

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Kanata Muslim Association

Uniting hearts with compassion & spirituality!


✓ Spirituality. ✓ Wellness. ✓ Outreach.
Our work continues alhamdulillah, but we really need a Masjid & Centre!

✔ NEW: Total of 4-acres of land now paid off, surrounded by 100s of Muslim homes and employees

✔ NEW: Daily prayers & limited activities now partially on-site, with positive impact on participation and attendance

✔ NEW: Technical approval of site plan by city, required to begin construction

 Existing buildings include leased daycare, generating revenue to support activities

 Construction expected to begin in summer (final preparations under way)


For 15 years, Kanata's Muslim community has been praying in halls, community centres and even churches. We need help paying for construction of our new facility and associated costs.

Can you please help?


We are a dynamic and inclusive community, focusing on spirituality, wellness and outreach. We’re at our seventh Friday prayer rental location and currently have activities happening at five different rental locations.

Our new Masjid & Centre will be a well-designed, welcoming, inclusive and sustainable new permanent home for our community, offering space for prayers, classes, seniors' activities, youth programming, activities for children, counselling, feeding the needy, dawah and much more, Insha Allah.

Please help our community move forward. Your contribution will bring you or your deceased loved ones everlasting rewards, Insha Allah.

Here's what some community members are saying about us (alhamdulillah):





Kanata's Muslim community has spent the last decade renting facilities such as community centres, churches and schools for prayers, events and evening & weekend schools. A small mosalla is available for daily prayers and limited gatherings.

With Allah’s help, we've tried our best to organize Friday & Taraweeh prayers, run schools for children, organize youth programs, host social events, do outreach, engage with the media, offer family support & spiritual counsel and more - all without a permanent home. 
We’re at our seventh Friday prayer rental location and currently have activities happening at five different rental locations. 


For years, we've been looking for a property that is:

  • Close to Kanata's tech-hub employing many Muslims
  • Zonable as a place of worship
  • Affordable
  • Sized appropriately for a masjid and community centre

Alhamdulillah, our dream has become a reality. We now have a property (land and a building) in Kanata, near the intersection of March Rd and Klondike Rd. Our aim is to establish a cozy, inclusive and vibrant masjid & centre featuring:

  • Serene masjid area for daily prayers opening into a multi-purpose hall for Friday prayers 
  • Classrooms for classes & tutoring
  • Gymnasium and multi-purpose rooms for outreach events, fitness programs and activities for children, youth and seniors
  • Offices and meeting rooms for counseling, family support and community meetings
  • Multi-purpose halls for dinners, lectures, events and private rentals
  • Commercial kitchen for catering and to feed the needy
  • and more!

Alhamdulillah, with your generous support, so far we have:

  • Paid off the interest-free loans taken to purchase our new properties (two properties of 2 acres each, for a total of 4 acres).
  • Retained an architect, planning consultant and various engineering and design firms to prepare and submit our zoning and site plan applications to the city.
  • Received unanimous approval from Ottawa City Council for our zoning application, with no appeals, alhamdulillah.
  • Received technical approval of site plan from the city, required to begin construction.


Please donate generously to make Our Blessed Home a reality!

Your donation will go directly towards establishing the Kanata Masjid & Community Centre. Help establish the first House of Allah in Kanata and get yourself a house in Jannah, inshaa Allah!



The prophet Muhammad - peace be upon him - said, "Giving Sadaqah does not decrease wealth."

In fact he rephrased that three times to emphasize this point.

Please donate generously. May Allah Almighty bless and reward you for centuries to come.


Your Donation is Tax Deductible


What Our Community Members Are Saying:

“For years now, the KMA team has delivered exceptional services and programs tailored for the whole family. Inshaa Allah, with the support of the community and the dedication of the KMA team, Kanata North will have an Islamic center serving all based on the true values of Islam.”

- Br. Ahmed Ibrahim

“The Kanata Muslim Association have invested time and energy in providing services to the growing Muslim community of Kanata. I admire their passion and drive in reaching out to all ages and all cultures, as well as engaging with other faith communities. I'm proud to be a resident of Kanata, where community spirit is nurtured by the steadfast work of the KMA.”

 - Dr. Aisha Sherazi


“It's hard for me to express how much I admire and appreciate all the activities and programs provided by KMA. I am particularly delighted when I see my own kids so keen to attend STRIVE and Children's Circle, and the positive impact such programs have on them. May Allah give you the best rewards in this life and in the Hereafter.”

- Br. Hicham Ouahid

“I have been a resident of Kanata North for the last 12 years. Building a Masjid in Kanata North has been on the agenda for KMA since I moved to Kanata. Alhamdulillah, under the current administration of KMA, the dream is getting to become a reality. I think with small investment and with your support, we could achieve this goal soon inshaa Allah.”

- Br. Mohamed Abokasem


“KMA is a vibrant organization that reflects the compassionate spirit of Islam. Let's support the next phase of building a centre which will serve the needs of the community, and reflect the best aspects of our faith.”

- Dr. Sheema Khan


“In the Kanata Muslim Association, I have found friends and partners in our common goal to create a better world and neighborhood under the inspiration of God. Their project to build a mosque is the logical next step to attain this goal. May we continue to walk together faithfully in the coming years.”

- Rev. Stéphane Vermette, Kanata United Church


“A Masjid is a source of divine blessings or 'Barakah' for the entire community and ours has been a long time coming. Let's seize this opportunity to invest in our future and the future of our Ummah by supporting this wonderful project in the heart of Canada's hi-tech hub!"

- Dr. Ashfaq Ahmed


"The Kanata Muslim Association is an important part of the growth of our community and is cultivating great values in our future generations."

- Sr. Khadra Abdi

"KMA is the heart of the Muslim community in Kanata provided much needed services that enable Muslim families to learn, grow and bond together in a highly professional manner."

- Br. Sherif Awad